Artwork > Qwest Denver Series

Qwest Denver Series: Map/Grid
Porcelain, wood
60"h x 36"w x 3"d
Qwest Denver Series: Pigeon Hole
Porcelain, wood
22"H x 66"w x 12"d
Qwest Denver Series: Qwerty
Porcelain, wood
12"h x 66"w x 24"d
Mixed media - porcelain, glass, insulators, wood, sand
6"h x 96"w x 72"d

Installation: Six/Six, arvada center for the arts, arvada, CO, USA. 2002

This series used Denver telephone directories as a conceptual framework to think about and describe “place”. The alphabetic classification and map pages of the telephone directories suggested the content and context of each element of the installation.