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Porcelain topographical map by Janet Williams
12"h x 56"w x 96"d

Installation: Innovative Installations, Mid-American Print Conference, Loft at the Mill, Lincoln, NE, USA. 2004
Photo credit: Larry Gawel

In this exploration of “place”, I looked at the structure of the land, its geological and topographical features overlaid with a thin veneer of human habitation. Lincoln (Nebraska) telephone directory maps were printed onto porcelain coated telephone directory pages and overlaid on a topographical grid (contour/elevations created from USGS .dem files) and embedded with Yellow Pages advertising. The maps, printed onto thin porcelain sheets, moved and slid in the high temperature kiln firing–as one viewer observed “like the remains of the last glacier”–reminding us of our recent arrival (in geologic time) and tenuous grip on the land.