Artwork > Composition / Decomposition & Reconstitute

Porcelain sculpture constructed from pine cones, twigs, needles
Porcelain. Pre-firing: pine needles/cones/twigs, porcelain
12"W x 12"D x 4.5"H each block

Composition / Decomposition

In this selection of work I am experimenting with materials to express ideas of ephemerality, changes of state and matter through time and process. In Composition/Decomposition, I cast solid blocks of porcelain filled with: pine cones, pine twigs, pine needles. As the blocks dried the organics and the shrinking porcelain forced the blocks apart. They were then soda fired to ‘freeze’ the decomposed forms with vapour and glaze. In Reconstitute, I formed blocks from shredded paper, folded paper and porcelain. These were then glazed and high fired.